We are experts in designing and producing educational games targeted at different age groups.
The biggest plus point of games is that they engage users. The games expand knowledge by presenting it in an interesting and engrossing manner; same knowledge presented in a dry, ‘bookish’ way is hardly ever met with interest.
By introducing an element of cooperation and competition, quests, bonuses etc. we are able to engage players who may also publish their scores and share their achievements.


We offer comprehensive project production, which starts with ironing out the concept, at which stage the particulars of a game are agreed upon (the genre, the target group, and the world of a game), then we move on to the game design stage, when the story, dialogs, scripts, all guidelines and technical specification are prepared. After that it is time for creation, programming, voice acting and, finally, the production of a fully-fledged product.
The scope of our work, as is the case with a majority of services provided by us, depends on Customer’s requirements and needs.
We may also take on a selected part of graphic or animation work and create assets for games, backgrounds, characters, or design scenery or prepare motion sequences.


We create games and applications capable of being uploaded to fan pages or web sites and intended for any mobile and desk-top devices, touch screens, interactive boards, and smartphones. The technology in which a given game is created depends on the product specification that is to be met by this game.


Being a game producer we have many applications and games on offer, which are intended for different purposes. These are just a few examples:

  • educational interactive applications – intended for teaching purposes and used primarily by educational centers, museums, organizations and information centers, schools, kindergartens, educational Internet sites, etc.;
  • arcade and casual games – arcade, adventure, RPG, strategy, puzzle and other games. The choice of the nature of a game depends strictly on the product specification and the goals which are to be met by a given project;
  • advertisement and promotional games – contests, virus games for uploading to your fan page etc.. Their purpose is to entice an interest in a specific subject (a product, a promotional offer or a service) presented by them;
  • games and business applications – made specifically to reinforce the image of a brand, a company or a service;