The Mushrooms

The Curious Bus
8 October 2015
Ilustacje i animacje Zajączki
The Bunnies
14 October 2015

The Mushrooms

aplikacja edukacyjna - Grzyby - plansza głowna ilustracje

“The Mushrooms” is an educational app designed for children aged 6-9 years, created for the modern center of learning.

The application is used for ecological workshops, where children learn the names of popular species of fungi, their habitat, as well as learn about protected species and dangerous.

The project consist of an animation to the line Brzechwa “The Mushrooms” and three interactive exercises, the subject of which is the occurrence of particular species of fungi, protected species and dangerous.

Scope of work: specifying, graphic design, character design, illustration, animation, voice over, sounding, programming, testing.