Śląskie przyśpiewki - aplikacja. Wystawa w Muzeum Górnictwa Węglowego w Zabrzu | Dardanele Studio Animacji
Coal Mining Museum
15 July 2018
Lightning Energy – educational application for Hevelianum Science Center in Gdansk
2 November 2018

Stellar Garden – Application

aplikacja edukacyjna educational application

“Sellar Garden” is an educational application, designed for middle school students. Application has been created for a modern science center.
The app is used in the workshop, where children learn about stars, constellation Ursa, learn what is absolute or visual brightness of stars, what is the temperature of the Ursa Major stars and how close we are located to them.

This project consist of three interactive exercises, the subject of which is main informations about constellation Ursa Major stars.

Scope of work: specifying, graphic design, illustration, animation, sounding, programming, testing and bug fixing.