The team at Dardanele Studio comprises graphic designers and illustrators who are proficient at various stylizations; as a result we can fit easily into the existing artwork, and, what is even more important, we are more suited to creating pilot projects that meet Customers’ expectations.
The 2D illustrations we create are primarily done as vector graphics and our products are optimized for both electronic media and printing.


The media and the nature of a design are tailored to each specific project with particular attention being paid to the Customer’s needs and the purpose for which a given project is intended.
All graphic styles are developed on a case-by-case basis, specifically for a project or are aligned with an existing stylization used by the Customer.


  • illustrations for educational publications;
  • image resources for e-learning applications – for children, teenagers and adults;
  • scenery (background) designs, image resources for games and applications;
  • character and brand hero design;
  • storyboards;
  • graphic concepts;


In illustration projects, the scope may cover the design of a coherent project concept, creation of concept art, storyboards and image resources or be limited to a simple creation of images in accordance with your brief.