This is a perfect tool for presenting an idea, promoting a product, a service or an idea. Business animation is primarily about communicating key features and the benefits of those features for the audience. Moreover, it is aimed at attracting the attention of the audience.

Usually, business animation takes a form of short cartoons which have a clear-cut goal, i.e. to EXPLAIN and facilitate the comprehension of a given subject. It employs clear and concise language which is coupled with a funny and interesting graphical form.
It has been scientifically proven that the amalgamation of pictures with sounds and the spoken word is the most effective communication tool; the brain processes pictures more speedily, the comprehension of text takes place linearly, whereas data in pictures is processed simultaneously. What does it all mean? It means that information is communicated much faster and more accurately.
By choosing this approach towards creating content that is meant to present the capabilities of a company or a product, we choose the best way to get to the Customer.


We offer comprehensive project production, which starts with ironing out the concept and ends with the production of a fully-fledged product.
The scope of our work, as is the case with a majority of services provided by us, depends on Customer’s requirements and needs.


The animations of this type are all about clear and unequivocal communication of the crucial features, explaining how a given idea or product works, and first and foremost, providing the most crucial aspects and data in a manner that is visually appealing.


An amalgamation of visual, animated, movie, audio and voice-over components which constitutes a coherent whole and presents the content intended for the audience in a comprehensive way.


This type of presentation is focused on giving the audience a chance to influence the message, to choose the path they will follow and the content they want to watch.

The business animations are particularly suitable for:

  • FAIRS – ciekawy sposób prezentacji oferty;
  • STARTUPS – smashing way to PRESENT your idea;
  • MANUALS for products or services – the most effective way to share information;
  • PROMOTION of your company or brand – an appealing form and the ability to evoke additional associations;
  • SALES – presentation of your company, store, brand, an interesting way to announce promotional offers.