This word was coined by merging two English words: education andentertainment. Through this synergy the learning process becomes absorbing and enables an effective acquisition of knowledge.

’The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for 5 seconds and think for 10 minutes.’ – William Davis


We are specialists in projects with educational value. Despite appearances, such projects are not exclusively targeted at the youngest members of the audience, but basically at all sections of the target audience.

Learning by playing, at any age, brings the highest, quantifiable results.
The interactive applications are a fantastic means of sharing knowledge, all the more so, if we take into account the fact that by engaging the user theeducational goal is achieved even more effectively because one acquires and remembers important data a lot easier than when traditional methods are used.

Thanks to our long experience in designing educational applications we are able to achieve a maximum level of user focus on the tasks in which they are engaged.
The synthetic sharing of the most important content through pictures, animation and tasks boosts the information retention levels in educational projects.
Because we are backed by experts from many fields (psychologists as well) we are able to take charge of a project during the whole stages of its production.

We apply such media as are necessary to get the message across in a clear and unambiguous way.
The underlying idea, plot, the level of complexity and the visual side are adjusted to the nature of a project and user age; the means used to prepare a project for adults will be different from those used to make a project for kids.


The educational projects are well-suited for the following establishments:

  • MUSEUMS, EDUCATIONAL CENTERS – multimedia and interactive subject matter presentations;
  • KINDERGARTENS, SCHOOLS – applications which enhance development and education;
  • EDUCATIONAL CENTERS, LANGUAGE SCHOOLS aplikacje wspierające naukę;
  • COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS providing trainings for their staff.