Business Storytelling

There is space for storytelling in business

When it comes to storytelling in business it is all about telling stories instead of just listing facts.
Good stories engage better. They also stick longer in your audience’s mind and heart.

Comparison is the key

Storytelling simplifies the message, and thanks to examples and comparisons makes it easier to understand the topic.

Interesting stories engage audiences

If you read or hear words such as rose or vanila, your brain will activate the zone of scent. You can smell it. Read this to find out more about it.
Good stories will engage your audience physiologically,  sparking the interest, surprising  the audience and persuading.
A good tale will trigger action where facts inspire next to nothing.

Good stories stick longer

Good storytelling can move your audience and trigger an emotional response. They will remember the story based on how they felt at that moment.

Let them be a hero

Your product should not be a hero of your story. It is not how it works.
Your Customer should be the hero of the Storytelling – this lets him relate to the story.
Your product or service is the “magical thing” the hero will need to defeat all adversity or make the world a happier place.

Time is money

It has been scientifically proven that the combination of pictures with sounds and the spoken word is the most effective communication tool.
The comprehension of text takes place linearly, word by word, but pictures are processed by the brain way faster.

Example – a written description of an object containing about 60 words and takes about 15-20 seconds to read it. But if you see a picture of this described object, it will take less than a second to know everything about it.

By combining the image with the voice of a narrator, you will receive a multi-dimensional message that will not only speed up but clarify the information provided.

Fight for the hearts of your Customers.
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